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SINCE 2011

SINCE 2011

Black and white photo of nude female body with only the mid section showing from the side with legs folded up toward chest covering the breast and revealing un-retouched fat folds and a few stretchmarks

Founder and master cosmetic tattoo artist, Angela Maray Hall, has been weaving art into permanency since 2011. 


Built on the trust of thousands of clients, Bathus is an evolving ode to the expression of each person's unique, intimate, and innate beauty. 

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, Angela’s approach to permanent cosmetics centers around welcoming the authenticity of imperfection and harnessing the power of creation. She encourages her clients to follow the  Bathus Credo:


Find your renewal. Own your confidence. Embrace contrast. Live slowly. 

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